Dr Sara Salessi completed a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology in California USA, is a Registered Psychologist and Member of the Australian Psychological Society, and in the near future will be a Fellow of the College of Clinical Psychologists. She has practised in the USA and Australia in Clinical and Forensic Psychology and practised in Victoria since 2019, and has been a central clinician in the Psychology Camberwell team since 2021.  

Dr Salessi has undertaken several hundred single expert reports in family law matters; family reports, child impact/limited issues reports, parental risk & psychological reports, and psychosexual reports. She has given evidence in family law matters where these reports have been central to outcomes. 

She has additional expertise in psycho-legal evaluations in child protection matters, criminal and civil matters, and child and adult cognitive & educational issues, and mental health issues. She has broad experience in clinical and forensic matters, mental health issues in adults and children, parenting risk, cognitive and personality problems, and risk of offending.  

She has broad experience in treatment and intervention with individuals in clinical and psycho-legal contexts across cultures. She brings knowledge and attention to detail, a positive approach and empathy to the evaluations, and a commitment to high quality psycho-legal reports. 

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